Explore The Virtual Convenience Store

Learn more about your neighborhood store and the many services it provides your community. How is gasoline delivered into your vehicle’s fuel tank? How are products regulated inside a convenience store? The Texas Food & Fuel Association helps answer all of these questions. Our virtual convenience store will provide you a unique perspective on your neighborhood store.

Storage Tanks - Learn how any petroleum product stored in underground storage tanks are regulated.
Fuel Pumps - Learn how gasoline moving from the storage tanks to your car via fuel pumps (dispensers) is regulated including measurement, octane, quality, fuel nozzle and refueling vapor emissions.
Store Exterior - Learn how The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) is enforced, emergency fuel pump shut-off, the retail sale of propane, and other items located at the store exterior are regulated.
Store Interior 1 - Learn how permit/license postings, food and drinks, safe food preparation and handling and other store interior items are regulated.
Store Interior 2 - Learn how cigarette display and sale, sale of certain automotive and consumer products, retail sale of beer and wine, and other store store interior items are regulated.